Why not plant some Calendula?

By Laura Rhodes - 7:57 PM

Calendula Flower with Bee

Rhodes House Marigolds
A plant I like to plant every year is Calendula officinalis, otherwise known as pot marigold (Picture 1). It should not be mistaken for common marigold (picture 2), or Mexican marigold, both of which are in the genus Tagetes. Tagetes marigolds are popularly used in companion planting (to ward off bugs in the garden), and for helping to rid the soil of nemadtodes.
Did you know it is a very common ingredient in make lotions, balms and salves?  Calendula is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and soothes, heals and helps regenerate skin. You’ll find Calendula extract as an ingredient in expensive beauty products, but you can make your own Calendula salve  inexpensively. Click on the links for more info on planting, harvesting and drying Calendula from Root Simple.

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