Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe

By Laura Rhodes - 9:57 PM

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I love making this refreshing drink that is all natural and has way less sugar than traditional Ginger Ale. "It's different", people always say. It is, because it's not so sugary sweet, but the notes of Ginger and lemon shine through giving you a naturally fermented drink that you just can't get in the store. When you make it yourself you know where it is coming from and can make it to suit your own tastes. Why not make your own Ginger Ale today?

{For the link to the Ginger Ale Recipe, please click here and it will direct you to the shared post link for recipe from the Kitchn. This is one of the more straight forward ways to make Ginger Ale, so that's the recipe I personally use.
 For a printer friendly pdf file of that recipe, click here.}

Another good place I love to go to for resources is the Wellness Mama. She has a recipe for it here. It involves making a "Ginger Bug". In the comment section one can glean lots of good info on Ginger Ale making.
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