Got the Tomato Seeds Started!

By Laura Rhodes - 12:05 AM

We had some Heirloom Seeds I had ordered from last year. They took so long to come in we couldn't use them till this year-And put them in recycled styrofoam cups. Hubby bought some other seeds as well...Poked holes in the bottom around the side and filled with potting soil. Had to soak the PS first overnight because it was so dry, then put the seeds in. Placed them on a round plastic thing. Placed by our basement window while we had woodstove going. All but one germinated within the week! Had to slow them down by putting them in the cooler part of our basement with a big light placed on top and had to place seedlings really close to light so they won't be so spindly. Have them on a timer so light goes off at night. Water them regularly....Looking forward to having beautiful tomato plants!

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