Getting the tomato plants ready for May planting...

By Laura Rhodes - 10:49 AM


Planted some of the tomatoes in bigger pots (for an early crop) and are outside in the back basking in the sunshine. The rest are now in the window after being under the big light and can stretch their little green arms and get ready for May for the planting in the garden.

We have wonderful green annual rye growing like crazy as the cover crop and will be trimmed to be worked into compost and eventually into the ground. Had to put up some of the electric fence last evening because the deer are starting to eat some of the rye. I've had a love/hate relationship with putting up birdfeeders because they don't mix with cats...But I couldn't help myself...I put one out in the front with some corn I've had stored and not using...My pansies are flourishing and enjoying them as well! Hope your garden and preparations are doing well!

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