Thyme to be thankful and enjoy God's creation!

By Laura Rhodes - 4:41 PM

Thanking God for His great provision and all the beauty of spring! Hope each one of you take time to enjoy all the budding bushes, flowers and trees. Loving the butterflies that flit around and are coming back for that wonderful time of year. Enjoying my birdfeeder and even the cats are getting used to it and not bothering the birds! My pansies are bursting at the seams in lively color and thanks to Milmont Nursery and seeds from last year, I'm planting away and loving all the bursts of color and blooms to come... God tucking a blessing here and there throughout the day.. Thankful to be alive and looking to the Lord for strength and wisdom to live out my days. As a special bonus for my blogger friends I will be doing a surprize spring giveaway for this blog for this post. I will be choosing and name announceing the winner next week, April the 26th, Friday. No need to do anything but make a comment on this post on this blog and be a follower. You may tell me your favorite part of spring as well. New followers welcome!

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